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July 2019 – Safeguarding Biodiversity: Khaki Campbells Galore!

Here are some of our Khaki Campbell ducks over at our branch farm in Yorkshire. They were originally bred by Adele Campbell in Gloucestershire. She created  the breed by crossing Mallard, Rouen and Runner ducks. This colour was introduced to the public in 1901 – well over 100 years ago! They are known for being fantastic… Read more »

June 2019 – Animal Welfare: Hanging out with the ‘teenagers’

Some pics of our ‘teenagers’ out and about on our East branch farm in Norfolk. These are a strain of Pekin and although they were yellow when they hatched, they have now completely changed colour. They are still very fluffy and it will be a while until their mature feathers have grown. They spend their days exploring, eating, drinking, swimming, sunbathing, chatting noisily… Read more »

May 2019 – Animal Welfare: More ducklings…and chicks too!

 These birds are almost ready to leave the cosy stable where they have lived for the last few weeks and venture into the great outdoors – by that we mean the paddock! The ducklings are Pekins (on the ‘Watchlist’ with the Rare Breed Survival Trust) and the chicks are a mix of Light Sussex and Rhode Island Reds.

May 2019 – Animal Welfare: They’re growing up – and fast!

Here are some of our school/nursery/care home ducklings back at the farm. The ducklings in this pen are now a few weeks old and have done a LOT of growing since they first hatched. Ducklings can cope with much cooler temperatures than chicks. They have more fat on their bodies and dense fluff, which helps to… Read more »