June 2024 – See how they’ve grown! ‘Teenage’ ducks back on the farm…

In this blog we follow the journey of some the very first ducklings of the 2024 hatching season, which came back to us from schools, nurseries and care homes back in February and March.

February/March 2024 – Newly arrived from schools, nurseries and care homes…

…and now!

The ducklings were kept inside for the first few weeks and you can see a video of them settling in at the farm here.

See how they’ve grown in just a few short weeks!


The traditional pure and rare heritage breeds we keep here at Incredible Eggs are ‘slow-growing’ birds and take about 5 months to reach maturity. These first ducklings of the season are now approximately 2-3 months old – old enough to go outside into their own age-appropriate  paddock, but not quite old enough to roam about on the ‘big field’ with the mature ducks just yet. This is a more challenging environment with a lively stream for preening and swimming winding through many acres of grassland. Like human children, they still need a close eye keeping on them for a little while longer! But here’s what they’ve got to look forward to – enjoy a little tour!


As responsible, ethical providers, we do not expect settings to re-home their birds themselves, although we do support this option with those who have appropriate facilities and who genuinely wish to enjoy the pleasure of long-term poultry-keeping. However, we do not support the rehoming of birds with animal sanctuaries or rescue centres. These organisations are working with limited resources and we strongly believe they should be kept available for genuine animal welfare cases – which these birds are not.

Incredible Eggs has the necessary facilities and experience in place to responsibly accommodate all birds hatched in exceptionally high welfare conditions  As established, reputable poultry breeders in our own right, we supply small-scale rare/pure breed poultry enthusiasts, hobbyists and smallholders with quality livestock.

As our hatching season 2024 draws to a close in the next month or so, we’d again like to thank all those who have chosen to work with Incredible Eggs. Not only have you shared an incredibly important educational experience with those in your charge, you have also supported several fantastic charities and the sector of British farming still striving to provide animals with a good life and a life worth living. So thank you – from us and them.