February 2024 – Rare breeds in focus: Meet our Cayuga ducks

We breed and conserve many of the ducks listed as ‘at risk’ by the Rare Breed Survival Trust – and  Cayuga ducks are just one of them! All photographs included in this blog are of our own birds.

Adult birds develop an incredible beetle-green sheen on their feathers, which is absolutely stunning in the sunlight. Everything about Cayuga’s is black; their feathers, their duckings – and yes – even their eggs!

Cayugas were first documented in the early 1800’s – over 200 years ago! The breed takes its name from Lake Cayuga in New York State. They are what is known as a heavy domesticated breed.

Cayugas lay between 100-150 eggs a year. Below is one of our Cayuga eggs, in amongst more commonly coloured eggs.

Cayuga duck eggs eggs will be included in some of our hatching kits, so if you find a black egg in your kit, please do not be alarmed! If you ARE lucky enough to get one, be prepared for cuteness overload when the duckling hatches – you have been warned!

Please note: the eggs included in your kit are subject to your regional branch and who happens to be in lay and when, which is down to Mother Nature. The eggs in each kit are therefore ‘pot luck’. Sorry, but we are unable to accommodate individual requests for specific breeds to be included.

You can find out more about the Cayuga duck breed on the Rare Breed Survival Trust website, by clicking here.