April 2024 – Back at the farm – Introducing our new Roving Reporter!

William is the 8 year old son of Incredible Eggs branch manager Michael, making him the family’s 6th generation young farmer. William has the same passion for poultry as his dad – it’s not often William can be found without being surrounded by a menagerie of chicks and ducklings, even when he’s watching TV!

William loves to film and narrate his life on the farm and is excited to start sharing some of these on our blog. The video below is his first report from the ‘nursery’! This is where the chicks and ducklings returning from schools, nurseries and care homes spend the first few weeks of their lives before they are old enough to go outside onto the meadow.

Hatching season 2024 has just begun and it’s wonderful to see all the new life on the farm. So without further ado, over to you, William!


Compassion in World Farming estimates an astonishing 85% of farmed animals in the UK are now kept in factory farms. They spend their lives in overcrowded, barren barns or cages, deprived of fresh air, natural light and the ability to express their natural behaviours.

Here at Incredible Eggs we are proud that all our animals and birds are in the 15% minority – where animal welfare comes first and they live a life as close as possible to what nature intended.

We’d like to thank all those who choose to work with Incredible Eggs. Not only are you sharing an incredibly important educational experience with those in your charge, you are also supporting the small sector of British farming still striving to provide animals with a good life and a life worth living. So thank you – from us and them.