Oxford Mail

Newborn chicks hatch at Rosebank Care Home, Bampton - April 2019

“The chicks give the residents a real purpose. They have watched over and cared for them ever since they were eggs and so to have the opportunity to see them grow has been a great privilege and a real honour.”

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Epilepsy Society

Chick It Out! Chicks Arrive In Russell House - April 2019

Sam Shears, Russell House's Activity Coordinator, said: "The arrival of the chicks in Russell House have demonstrated a real sense of community in Russell House. The residents help to look after them and they feel a sense of responsibility in doing so".

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Banbury Guardian

Residents at a care home in Banbury enjoyed a cracking Easter with a visit from youngsters and the exciting arrival of five ducklings. - April 2019

You could see from the residents’ and children’s reactions just how engaged they were when given the opportunity to look after the eggs and get close to such lovely ducklings once they hatched."

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Telegraph & Argus

Care home chicks spread some Easter joy at Bradford care home - March 2019

Home Manager at Crossley House said: “This has been a fantastic experience. The residents have loved interacting with the little chicks; this is definitely something we will look to do again next year.”

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This is Lancashire

Hazelbrook Christian Nursing Home residents raise ducklings - March 2019

Manager Alison Harvey said: "It was surprising how many of the residents had chickens and ducks in their back gardens." Mrs Harvey says it also encourages people to bring their grandchildren in on visits.

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The Bolton News

Care Home Excellence Reward Scheme is creating new ideas in Bolton - February 2019

Residents and staff at Hazelbrook enjoyed the sight of the eggs hatching, and watching the newly hatched ducklings grow. 

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The Oxford Mail

Ofsted: Faringdon Pre-School rises from inadequate to good - May 2018

The inspector said "They provide activities that engage children's interest - for example, children eagerly watched their hatched ducklings and frogspawn."

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The Isle of Thanet News

Ramsgate Arts Primary pupils ‘transfixed’ by hatching chicks - May 2018

Teacher Sophie Spurrier is Early Years Lead at RAPS. She said: “The children were so excited to be able to watch the magical transformation from an egg in an incubator hatching into a fluffy chick. It is a perfect hands-on experience and is a brilliant way to learn. It is something they will never forget.”

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The Lincolnite

Poultry in motion at Lincoln care home - May 2018

Home Manager Becky Hunt said: “It’s been a great experience for our residents and one we hope to repeat next year.”

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West Sussex County Times

Henfield pupils enjoy chick hatching - May 2018

"This egg hatching experience uses ethically sourced providers, so after the eggs hatch, the chicks are collected and then live on a farm or are rehomed with hobby chicken keepers."

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Bracknell News

Ducklings are the stars of the class at Keep Hatch Primary School, Berkshire - May 2018

"Once the children have all had a chance to hold the ducklings, the rest of the school will come down to meet them. Everyone is very excited."

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Care Choices

Cracking news for care home as ducklings hatch in time for Easter - April 2018

Company Incredible Eggs who provide the equipment and support to enable home hatching, gave the care home the opportunity to incubate the ducklings and see them hatch. The ducklings are now off to their new home on a local farm.

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Mid Sussex Times

Young carers in Burgess Hill treated to 'Easter Experience' - April 2018

The care home in Birch Grove Road organised duckling viewings for 11 young carers.

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The Carer

Easter miracle as ducklings hatch at care home - April 2018

Ann Wallace said: “It was amazing to see them. I can’t wait until we hold them.”

Pat Whyatt commented: “Isn’t nature beautiful.”

Else Scattergood said: “In all my years, I have not seen anything like it. How lovely.”

Nancy Forsyth added: “I saw the first one hatching this morning. I’ve decided his name is Daffy.”

Gill Cottrell, senior care assistant at The Oaks Care Home, on Durban Street, said: “It’s been lovely seeing the reactions of all the residents. Everyone has loved the experience."

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The News

Residents at Fareham care home look after recently hatched ducklings - April 2018

"The ducklings have made people light up with joy and it's such a great sight to see. We all waited in anticipation for the first duck to appear and it was a wonderful sight to behold"

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Delightful ducklings hatch at The Fernes - March 2018

Something wonderful has come to the residents at Barchester’s The Fernes Care Home. The residents have got to experience the joys of bringing new life to the world in the form of tiny little yellow ducklings thanks to Incredible Eggs!

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