Author: Jane

August 2019 – Meet some of our Indian runner ducks!

These are some of our Indian runner ducks, who live on our branch farm in Yorkshire. They are quite unusual looking ducks, as they stand upright and run instead of waddling! Runner ducks don’t fly and love to spend their time rummaging around looking for slugs and insects. They are excellent egg layers and lay… Read more »

July 2019 – Our first Grey Partridge release pen is in place

We are very excited that our first grey partridge release pen is now in place! Based on a farm in Norfolk, these lucky partridges will be released into 17 acres of organic, unsprayed meadowland, which backs on to cornfields and woodland. Notice how brilliantly camouflaged they are in their natural habitat – clever Mother Nature!… Read more »

July 2019 – Khaki Campbells Galore!

Here are some of our Khaki Campbell ducks over at our branch farm in Yorkshire. They were originally bred by Adele Campbell in Gloucestershire. She created  the breed by crossing Mallard, Rouen and Runner ducks. This colour was introduced to the public in 1901 – well over 100 years ago! They are known for being fantastic… Read more »

BBC News

County Durham school makes wheelchair for pet duck – June 2019 The school is hoping to build a pen for Jimmy, who is actually a girl, so she can call it her home permanently. Click here to read the full article