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Autumn 2017 – New breeding cockerel at our London and East branch!

Meet Crackers, our latest addition. Crackers is a lavender Pekin with frizzled feathers, which explains his dragged-through-a-hedge-backwards appearance! At the moment he is busy getting acquainted with his new smooth feathered lavender Pekin wives. Half of the chicks produced will be smooth feathered and half will be frizzled, so if you hatch out a spiky… Read more »

Autumn 2017 – It’s all go at Incredible Eggs South East!

  Just two more of the beautiful new breeds of duck whose eggs will be included in hatching kits in the South East from 2018, subject to availability. On the left are Silver Appleyards, another rare breed (more information here) and some Indian Runners on the right.  

Autumn 2017 – Black eggs in your hatching kit?!

Do not be alarmed – all is well! Giles and Kate at Incredible Eggs South East are thrilled to welcome a new breed of duck to their farm in Kent, called Black East Indians. And yes, even their eggs are black! Their eggs will be included in some hatching kits in the South East from… Read more »

Autumn 2017 – Rare breeds at Incredible Eggs South West

Branch manager Nick Meagor has been preserving pure and rare breeds of poultry for decades. Below are some of the birds hatched in schools, nurseries and care homes in 2017. These will be grown on at his farm in Cornwall and then sold to local poultry enthusiasts, where they will live free-range lives in domestic… Read more »

Summer 2017 – Incredible Eggs with CBeebies, ‘Down on the Farm’

  When CBeebies asked us if we would help create an educational TV programme all about hatching in schools as part of their ‘Down on the Farm’ series, we were delighted to accept. A fun day of filming followed and the programme is now live! Series 3, episode 1 – ‘Ducklings and Spring Barley’  

Summer 2017 – Ducks, chickens, geese…and pied wagtails?!

  Over at our South East branch, Kate and Giles were about to attach a new nest box to a coop which had been stored in the yard, when they discovered someone had already moved in and had to down tools! You can find out more about this farmyard-loving little songbird here: