October 2019 – Animal Welfare: Where are they now? Catch up with some of this years chicks

These birds were all hatched in schools, nurseries and care homes during the spring and summer of 2019. Here they are now, out exploring in the autumnal sunshine. As you can see, they’ve done a lot of growing over the last few months, so it’s just as well the new chicken pens are finished. The pens jigsaw together over 4 acres of grassland – that’s about the size of 4 football fields put together! Each flock has 2 pens, so that one can can be rested whilst the other is in use.

The grassland is uncut pasture, which holds a huge quantity of insects, as well as micro flora and fauna. The birds like to wander around in the morning sucking the dew off the grass – quite an endearing sight! However, this is less about getting water (of which they already have plenty), it is to get the nutritious micro flora and fauna, which is good for their health.

Now dotted about the field are their fabulous new chicken coops, which were all painstakingly designed and custom built this year by the very talented Incredible Eggs London and South East team – no flat-pack here! The extensive perimeter fence which surrounds the 4 acres had to be put in from scratch and is electrified, meaning the birds within can roam freely, without fearing a visit from Mr. Fox.

A really MASSIVE ‘well-done’ to all at London and South East for the monumental effort involved in creating such a fantastic and safe environment for the birds, which far exceeds all current poultry farming legislation in this country. A true labour of love and such a great exemplar of farming at its very best. If we were chickens, we’d definitely want to be an Incredible Eggs chicken!

The birds pictured here are a breed called Light Sussex and every branch of Incredible Eggs keeps a breeding flock. We will shortly post a blog detailing the history and characteristics of this much loved English pure breed – watch this space!