August 2018 – Grey Partridge Update: Some wonderful news – a successful adoption!

After our first partridge release in Norfolk, the partridges came back to feed and drink each morning and evening. One morning we managed to get this footage from our remote camera. Here you can see the mature wild grey partridge who has adopted our juveniles – it’s the larger bird who comes to the front and looks directly at the camera! Although the quality of the footage is not high, you can still see what a beautiful bird this is.

Wild grey partridges are very shy and we would never have got this close in person. We are thrilled that this amazing bird has taken our babies under its wing and is teaching them how to live wild. Clever Mother Nature! They haven’t been back to the pen for a week or so now, but we have seen them flying over the cornfields with their new parent. We’ll post more reports as and when we have them.

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