August 2019 – Safeguarding Biodiversity: Meet some of our fabulous Indian runner ducks!

These are some of our Indian runner ducks, who live on our branch farm in Yorkshire. They are quite unusual looking ducks, as they stand upright and run instead of waddling! Runner ducks don’t fly and love to spend their time rummaging around looking for slugs and insects.

They are excellent egg layers and lay between 300 and 350 eggs a year. However, they very rarely make nests or want to incubate their own eggs – in fact they often just lay their eggs wherever they happen to be. This means that the breeds survival is entirely dependant on human support and other methods of incubation. They were almost extinct in Britain in the early 20th century and it was only due to committed breeders importing birds in the early 1900’s that their numbers have recovered.