January 2023 – Hatching in a care home! A wonderful review from Alvony House

We love hearing all about your hatching experiences, so were delighted when we received the following review and photos from Zoe at Alvony House Residential Care Home for the Elderly, based in North Somerset!

“On behalf of everyone at Alvony House Residential Care Home for the Elderly, we just wanted to thank you and the Incredible Eggs team for the excellent experience we had hatching the ducklings.”

“Our duckling experience was incredible and we all thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. We were so pleased that we managed to hatch at least 5 of the 6 eggs, see them develop and grow over the week. Most of our residents had never seen a bird hatch from an egg and said that it was such a wonderful event to witness, swimming and cuddle times were most popular, not just with the residents but staff as well.”

“We thank you all, for making such a wonderful experience possible. I have attached some photos of our experience. We have so many photos, but I just wanted to share a few as they may help encourage others to book this wonderful experience for their residents.

With sincere thanks, Zoe.”

Thank you so much, Zoe! This made our day!

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A Happy New Year to all, from the team at Incredible Eggs!