January 2024 – Our partnerships and charity work for the year ahead

Firstly, a Happy New Year to all! We hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas!

Incredible Eggs works with several charitable/non-profit organisations who are striving to make a positive impact in the fields of education, animal welfare and conservation. We outline below the work these organisations are doing and how we will be supporting them in 2024.

The British Bee Charity

Founded in 2017, The British Bee Charity is a non-profit charity with no paid members – all of their funds go directly towards the welfare of bees. The charity is brimming with exciting initiatives, including ‘Free Beekeeper Taster Sessions’ and their ‘Adopt a Hive’ scheme. Much of the charities work involves educating young people in schools through talks and educational visits – they even provide working hives to UK schools which have appropriate facilities.

How is Incredible Eggs supporting this organisation?

We partnered with The British Bee Charity just a few months ago. Through this partnership, Incredible Eggs is funding the production of enough ‘BeeBombs4Schools’ packs for an extra ten UK schools to participate for free. The British Bee Charity sends participating schools an educational pack, together with BeeBombs which are native, wildflower seedballs, handmade in Dorset. The educational pack includes a powerpoint presentation with teacher notes. The presentation explains to children the plight of bees and other pollinators and how we can each do our bit to help them, like planting pollinator friendly flowers.

Teachers can apply for one here.


Just One Tree

Just One Tree is a non-profit social enterprise who guarantee to plant at least one rainforest tree for every £1 they receive. Just One Tree supports reforestation projects around the world and in the process they help ​provide education, training and sustainable incomes in poverty stricken areas. Evidence suggests that planting trees closer to the equator has the greatest cooling effect on the planet. The work of Just One Tree does exactly this, whilst simultaneously improving livelihoods.

How is Incredible Eggs supporting this organisation?

In addition to our own tree planting schedule here in the UK, Incredible Eggs is delighted to also finance the planting of trees further afield through this partnership. Incredible Eggs will provide funding for the planting of a further 100 trees, bringing the total to 400. These trees will remove an estimated 8 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere every year once mature.


Rare Breeds Survival Trust

Rare Breeds Survival Trust is a conservation charity whose purpose is to secure the continued existence and viability of native farm animals of the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1973 and since then, no UK-native breed has become extinct. Amongst many other things, the RBST maintains a watch list of rare native breeds of cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, goats and poultry.

How is Incredible Eggs supporting this organisation?

We keep, breed and conserve many of the rare chicken, duck and geese breeds listed on the RBST Watch List. Meet some of the birds and find out more about these breeds here. Partnerships such as ours raise awareness and provide essential funding to enable RBST to continue their mission.

Incredible Eggs has provided further funding for 2024, bringing our total RBST sponsorship funding to £1,552.

We are very aware that these organisations are particularly vulnerable to receiving less funding in the current economic climate. It’s thanks to all those who book our hatching kits that it’s possible for us to continue with this aspect of our work, so thank you for helping us to help them!

If you are a charity or social enterprise working in the areas of education, animal welfare or conservation and would benefit from our support/sponsorship, please do get in touch by emailing headoffice@incredibleeggs.co.uk. We’d love to hear from you!