July 2021 – Conservation & safeguarding biodiversity: a thank you from ‘Just One Tree’

We are delighted that we’ve now honoured our 2021 commitment to fund the planting of a further 100 rainforest trees via our partners,  Just One Tree. This is in addition to our own tree planting schedule here in the UK. This brings our total Incredible Eggs/Just One Tree mini-forest tree count to 200. They will remove approximately 2.46 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere per year – that’s a staggering 61.6 tonnes over the next 25 years! We hope to keep growing our fledgling Incredible Eggs/Just One tree rainforest step-by-step for many years to come.

JUST ONE TREE is a non-profit organisation supporting reforestation projects around the world. They combat Global Warming through planting trees and in the process they help ​provide education, training and sustainable incomes in poverty stricken areas. Evidence suggests that planting trees closer to the equator has the greatest cooling effect on the planet. The work of Just One Tree does exactly this, whilst simultaneously improving livelihoods.

It’s thanks to all those who book hatching kits with Incredible Eggs that it’s been possible for us to further support the work of this invaluable organisation through sponsorship, so thank you for helping us to help them!

Here at Incredible Eggs we’re passionate about maintaining biodiversity, so we’re spreading the word about JUST ONE Tree Day

On Friday 15 October (England) and Friday 1 October (Scotland), hundreds of schools will again take part in ‘JUST ONE Tree Day’. This international non-uniform day encourages children to bring in £1 to plant a tree and help reforest the planet – a tree is planted for every £1 raised. Over 150,000 children from eight countries have taken part since launching the first JUST ONE Tree Day in Autumn 2019.

Your school can take part in this international non-uniform day which shows our young people what they CAN do to heal the planet. www.justonetree.life/schools-sustainability.