March 2023 – Winter is nearly over! We look back at the season with photos from our farms

With winter drawing to a close and hatching season just starting, we thought we’d share some recent pics from our farms. We hope you enjoy!

Due to the level of bird flu circulating amongst wild birds at the end of last year, the government brought in enhanced biosecurity measures for all poultry keepers in England in November 2022. These included making it a legal requirement that all birds are kept indoors or under cover until restrictions are lifted. So, with no uncovered free-ranging out at grass allowed, most of our birds were brought in for the winter. This has meant a lot of extra work to keep them clean, happy and healthy. However, animal welfare always comes first here at Incredible Eggs, so they’ve not had too bad a time of it!


The farms have looked a little empty outside with the birds inside! But below are a few of our favourite outdoor pics from the winter. We and the birds look forward to restrictions being lifted, so they can be out and about once again; sunbathing, chasing insects, nibbling grass and enjoying a life closer to what nature intended.

Hatching season is now underway and we are out delivering our first hatching kits of the year. It’s going to be a busy season, so please do book yours soon if you haven’t already, especially if you have a particular date in mind. Our online booking form can be found here.

Happy spring 2023! From all at Incredible Eggs.