September 2020 – Last days of summer: some pics from our farms

It’s been such a strange year in so many ways, yet back on our four small farms life has continued for our birds in much the same way as it has on small farms for centuries. The mature birds are let out each morning, then checked, fed, watered and cleaned out. Eggs are collected and the youngsters cared for. Each evening the birds are either shut away for a safe nights sleep or their electric fences checked so they are safe from Mr. Fox.

Summer is a lovely time of the year to keep poultry – so lovely we thought we’d share a few of our summer photo’s from our farms before autumn descends! Watching the birds grow, sunbathe, explore, nibble the grass and chase bugs is something to be savoured before the nights draw in and the weather changes. We hope you enjoy!

Coming back in from a wander. “What’s for tea, Mum?”

“Hello? Can I help you?” A  Buff Sussex beauty.

Some little ones having an afternoon nap.

Sunshine or shade? Decisions, decisions.

Out for a stroll  in the woods.

Getting ready for bed – some beautiful Buff Orpington’s and Buff Sussex.

Enjoying a hosepipe shower!

A quick game of ‘follow-the-leader’.

Having a noisy ducky gossip.